Let’s Talk Signs

Let’s Talk Signs at Character Creates

Whether you’re a one man band sole trader, a new startup, or an older, more established firm, fewer things can be more important than your marketing strategy. We all need to have one. We need to reach out, to connect, we need to build relationships with our existing customers, and to find new clients. We need marketing. It’s a sad fact, but organisations who ignore the importance of marketing do so at their own peril.

Nobody understands that more than Character Creates. From the website on your browser to the livery on your vehicles. From the business card in your wallet, to the flyer in your hand. From the banner on your stall at a business fair to the illuminated signage outside your business premises, we’re proud of the diversity of marketing tools and solutions we can offer from our base here in Liverpool.

We recently took the opportunity to breathe new life into our own business, with all new outdoor signs, representing our brand. Good signage can make all the difference to a business. You want, no…you need to be noticed. You want people to know about your company, about what you do, and how well you do it. So when the opportunity and the idea came to us to install new signs, we couldn’t think of a better way to advertise the fact that we manufacture, install and maintain high quality outdoor signage as well as being able to handle all the ‘softer’ marketing needs of your business, all onsite.

Basically, we want what you want for your business. We want maximum visibility. And good signage is a big player in that. It’s at least as important as your website, that flyer, that banner, and that business card in your wallet. In fact, the more methods you have of getting your message out there, driving new custom, and developing relationships, the more visibility you have, the better. We firmly believe at Character Creates that there’s no such thing as ‘too much marketing’!

And so, as with all of the services we offer, when we are creating your signage, maybe as part of a rebrand, or even just a refresh of your look, we put you and your business at the absolute centre. We always prefer to work with the customer to merely working for them. So together we can create the signage you want and need, the signage that works for you and your business. Our team of talented and skilled professionals have the knowledge, the vision and the technical ability to help you get the most out of our services.

Call us today, and let’s talk signs!