From the daily need for a business card or a compliment slip, to the more complex projects such as a brochure, catalogue or direct mailing piece – we do love digital design, quite a lot – but we’re not just ready to give up on print either!

Our Creative Team love the challenge of applying consistency throughout your business materials, it is so important! It gives your business a professional presence. So if a customer is looking at your website or business card and everything else in between, there needs to be cohesion between all the materials and channels you use to market your business effectively. 

At Character we truly understand this part of the creative process. The team strives for consistency of Brand across all the marketing materials we are asked to produce for our clients.

We are a creative team of Graphic Designers, specialising in Brand Identity, Logo Design and Graphic Design from our offices in Aintree, Liverpool.

Consistent branding offers an element of true professionalism and can determine whether a customer will engage with you or not! In showing them that even small things, such as having a Business Card to a Brochure branded correctly, means business branding matters and attention to the smallest of details can be very reassuring to your buyer or client.

Whether you’re looking for a new Logo Design and Brand Identity, fresh creative input to your current direct mail piece or a start-up business looking at the most cost effective way to have your business printing done affordably, we can, and do cater for all.

Whatever your campaign focus is – we’ll come up with Design and Print solutions that will help you drive your marketing strategy. 

Why choose us for your Branding?

Expertise & Experience

With years of expertise in branding, you can be sure of a distinctive brand identity.

Customised Approach

We provide a customised approach to branding that is adapted to your company's objectives and market trends.

One Stop Shop

With our wide range of services covering all aspect of branding, we provide a convenient one-stop shop for all of your branding requirements.


"This is a great local company that are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to any organisation looking for a friendly, hands on, professional service"
The Independence Initiative
"I found Character Creates to be very reliable. All the staff go above and beyond every time."