We pride ourselves on the diversity of our creative services at Character Creates. From Signage design and print of a brochure, large format point of sale and exhibition graphics to website design and copywriting, we’re well equipped to deliver it all.


Our goal, be it in print or online, a brochure in your hand or a fully illuminated sign outside the premises of your business, is to maximise the visibility of your brand.

On site, we have a Digital Print Facility and within our group we have trade partners in both print and signage.

From the initial Signage design consultation with Character Creates to the manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance – we offer the perfect solution to meet your retail and business signage needs.

Why choose us for your signage?

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Our Signage
Services include

Vehicle livery

A powerful and effective way to promote your brand or business is through vehicle livery. By applying custom graphics, designs or branding to your vehicles this turns them into a mobile advertising platform. Potentially reaching a wide audience and making a lasting impression wherever they go.

Fully Manufactured
signed trays

Fully manufactured sign trays are a professional type of signage solution that includes a metal tray, sign face, and lighting all in one unit, providing a sleek look that is perfect for businesses looking to make a strong and lasting visual impact.

flat cut letters

Flat cut letters are an all-round and customisable type of signage that can be crafted from a variety of materials, such as metal, acrylic, or PVC. Then precision-cut into individual letters or logos, providing a 3D effect that adds a touch of style and visual interest to any business.

bespoke logos and shapes

Bespoke logos and shapes in signage are custom-made designs that can be created in a wide range of materials and finishes. They provide a unique branding solution that effectively displays your business identity and creates a lasting impression on customers.

flame polished
acrylic plaques

Flame polished acrylic plaques are a durable type of signage that are created by polishing high-quality acrylic with a flame, resulting in a smooth and glossy surface that can be custom-designed with your desired artwork or messaging, creating a distinctive and stylish appearance that adds a touch of elegance to any business.

shop fascia signs and illuminated fascias

Shop fascia signs and illuminated fascias are eye-catching and effective signage solutions that showcase your business name, logo, or messaging on the front of your building, creating a prominent and professional presence that can be easily seen day or night.

neon signs

Neon signs are a classic and vibrant type of signage that use gas-filled tubes to produce a glowing light effect. They provide a bold and striking way to showcase your business name or messaging that can add a touch of retro charm to any storefront or interior space.


external wayfinding systems

External wayfinding systems are customized signage solutions designed to help guide visitors to your business or organization by providing clear and visible directional signage. This enhances the overall customer experience and makes it easier for people to navigate their way around your premises.


large format banners

Large format banners are a cost-effective type of signage that can be printed in a variety of sizes and materials, making them perfect for showcasing your brand or messaging in a highly visible way at events or outdoor advertising campaigns.


We cater for all types of business, large or small, and our advice is always free – talk to Character Creates about your signage design, manufacture and installation needs 0151 473 1069.


Client Testimonials

"What a fantastic team to work with. Massive amount of help from start to finish. I was so pleased with the first website that was built that I've already started on the second one. 5* service"
Slips Away
"Fantastic service and really professional across the board. Currently working with Chris to boost our rankings on google and they designed a fantastic website for us. Would recommend to anyone starting up or wanting to take their business to the next level"
CMX Fitness