Creative Copywriting Services

Creative Copywriting Services

Your website is usually the first point of contact between you and your customers. Even if they meet you in person first, the site will be the next place they visit. None of us have the time to linger these days. We all lead busy, super-connected and super-challenging lives. So we don’t always have hours to spend working through people’s websites for information. We hate trawling, don’t we?

There is plenty of competition out there, and they’re only a click away. Your website, then, only has seconds to capture interest. It is in those few seconds that you have the opportunity to make the connection, the lead or potential that can convert into business. Or not.

It’s good quality content that holds the attention. Followed by clean, crisp and sharp, uncluttered design. We should look at the design of our websites as the frame for the painting. The content paints the picture of what you do, how well you do it, and how they, the customer should look further into doing business with you. So content is everything. And that means getting the words right. Getting what you write, right!

As well as photographs, graphics, video design and layout – all of which essential add colour and depth to a site – the writing is key. As well as website design, print, graphics and direct marketing, here at Character Creates we are now able to offer a complete copywriting service for your company direct from our base in Liverpool. From marketing copy to web content, blogs and articles, our skilled team of writers are able to create targeted, engaging and informative written work to highlight your business and the services you offer.

We’ll start at the beginning. Working closely with you the client, we’ll establish what the story is, and how you wish to tell it. We’ll help you create a tone of voice to be used across all of your marketing and social media streams. We’ll integrate keywords to help build your SEO copy, driving custom and keeping your site ‘Google-friendly’, and help you develop strong, punchy, attention grabbing (and keeping!) copy.

The quality of your copy depends on the quality of your copywriter, we know that at Character Creates, so finding the right copy to compliment your brand is crucial. It’s for this reason, we’ll work closely with both our writer and you, the client. It’s a balance. You don’t want to blind your customers with science, using technical jargon which will only confuse them. It’s off-putting. At the same time you don’t want copy that just delivers cold, impersonal facts, dry and unimaginative. That’s just as off-putting. So the answer is writing that’s relatable, personable, friendly and approachable. Your written copy needs to attract the customer, not send them away.

It’s for all these reasons that we’re now able to offer our copywriting service as part of your marketing strategy. When bit comes to copy, we know how to find what you need, and we can deliver it. Call us today, to see how we make what you write, right!