Tap For Roofing Case Study 

Our client – Tap For Roofing 

Tap For Roofing is a company that provides comprehensive training and apprenticeship programmes for roofing.

What we did 

Branding and Website Design and Development

Tap For Roofing approached us for a website and brand identity that accurately conveyed their services and offerings to potential clients. In response, we developed the branding strategy, which included a new logo, colour scheme, typography, and imagery. The logo design incorporated a stylised rooftop and a bold font that communicated strength and reliability. The colour palette featured shades of blue and orange, which were chosen for their calming and trustworthy connotations. 

In addition to creating their brand identity we also crafted a user-friendly website with a sleek and contemporary design that emphasised visual elements in alignment with the new branding approach. We incorporated dedicated pages for the different courses and includes all the relevant information needed for potential clients.

The full brief included;

–   Branding 

–   WordPress Content Management System

–   Website Design and Development

–   Responsive web design

–   Domain management, site hosting & support

In Summary

The end result was a website that accurately represented Tap For Roofing’s services and brand identity, while also being visually appealing and easy to navigate. The branding strategy developed by Characters Creates successfully differentiated Tap For Roofing from its competitors and resonated with potential clients, helping the company to establish a strong online presence and attract new business.

You can visit their website here https://www.tapforroofing.co.uk/ 

Check out their social media too – 



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