Minta Medical Case Study

Our client – Minta Medical

Minta Medical is a manufacturer of medical and dental instruments and supplies based in Liverpool.

What we did 

Website Design and Development

Minta Medical approached us in need of an upgrade on their website in order to establish an online presence to attract new businesses. We collaborated closely to create a visually captivating and user-friendly website that effectively represents their brand and highlights their product line. The website features a modern and minimalistic design, emphasising the company’s products and services. The homepage provides an overview of Minta Medical’s offerings, along with testimonials from satisfied customers. We also optimised the website for search engines, ensuring that potential customers could easily find Minta Medical’s products and services through organic search results.


Alongside the website redesign, we also designed new signage for Minta Medical to effectively represent their brand identity with the aim to draw the interest of potential customers. The new signage incorporates the company’s logo and colour scheme to optimise brand visibility.

The full brief included;

–   WordPress Content Management System

–   Woocommerce E-commerce Website Design and Development

–   Responsive web design

–   Domain management, site hosting & support

–   Design and visualisation of the Signage

–   Design, Manufacture, Install & fit 

In Summary

Our team’s efforts resulted in a website that effectively captures’ Minta Medical’s brand identity while presenting their products and services in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner. The outcome will help the company establish a stronger online presence. Additionally, the visually appealing signage designed by our team will set Minta Medical apart in a crowded marketplace, attracting new customers to their brand.

You can visit their website here 

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