Our team


Mark Manville

As a Director at both Character Creates and Character Mailing Services, Mark brings over 20 years of experience in the Direct Mail business to our team. He's worked his way up from the shop floor to Director level, gaining valuable experience along the way.

With several years as Area Director managing multiple print and fulfilment sites, Mark has vast experience in machine fulfilment and various printing methods, including Lithographic, digital, and large format print. Mark's vision for Character Creates is an extension of the services that Character Mailing provides, including creative print and online services. He understands the importance of digital marketing in today's landscape and aims to incorporate it into any clients' marketing mix.

We're fortunate to have Mark's expertise and leadership, and we're confident that his contributions will help us continue to exceed our clients' expectations.


Chris Mills
Director / Graphic Designer

As a Director, Chris leads our Creative Services and Marketing Team with passion and expertise. With previous experience as the owner and Director of a design agency, Chris has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in the creative and print industry, including graphic design, website design, digital marketing, print buying, and management. Chris is devoted to creative research and spends a considerable amount of time exploring new ideas. One of his favourite haunts is Pinterest. In addition to providing our clients with exceptional design services, Chris and his team also manage the design and creation of all marketing materials and digital assets for Character Mailing and Character Fulfilment.

With his creativity and attention to detail, Chris is an valuable asset to our team, and we're proud to have him onboard.


Jo Brennan
Graphic Designer & Content Producer

Despite her young age, she has already gained valuable industry experience in branding and print design. Jo's focus is on client work for print and branding, as well as content production for our three Character Brands: Character Mailing, Character Creates, and Character Fulfilment.

Along the way, Jo is also eager to expand her skills in digital design, including web design and email marketing. We're thrilled to have her onboard and can't wait to see how her fresh perspective will help elevate our services.


Eve colfar
Content Creator & digital marketer

As a valuable addition to our team, she brings her expertise to focus on client work for Social Media and Branding, as well as content production for our 3 Character Brands: Character Mailing, Character Creates, and Character Fulfilment.

In addition to this, she's also looking forward to developing her skills in digital design, including web design and email marketing. We're excited to see how her talents will enhance our services and contribute to our clients' success.


Paul Fitzgerald

Paul is an excellent wordsmith. From Brochure and SEO copywriting to Google Ads and Social Media content writing – depending on your brief, Paul always finds the right words for any scenario.

Paul's writing skills are unparalleled, making him an excellent wordsmith. Whether it's brochure and SEO copywriting or creating content for Google Ads and social media, he always finds the right words to fit any scenario, no matter how challenging the brief. We're proud to have him on our team and confident that his talents will help take our clients' projects to the next level.