St Mary’s Case Study 

Our client – St Mary’s Catholic High School and Sixth Form is a Roman Catholic secondary school located in Astley, Greater Manchester, England.

What We Did:

St Mary’s contacted us in need of a marketing solution to enhance their visibility and communicate their core values effectively. They sought assistance in redesigning their prospectus, producing eye-catching banners and leaflets, conducting professional photoshoots, and crafting engaging social media graphics.

The Full Brief Included:

Prospectus and Folder Design: We collaborated closely with St. Mary’s to create a visually engaging and informative prospectus that effectively highlights the school’s ethos, achievements and academic offerings. To make the information easily accessible and organised, we complemented the prospectus with a professionally designed folder that aligns with the school’s branding.

Banner Production: We designed and produced high-quality banners that showcased the school’s values, achievements, and upcoming events, guaranteeing maximum visibility and impact.

Photography Services: We conducted professional photoshoots to capture the school’s vibrant learning environment, extracurricular activities, students and staff, providing a compelling visual narrative for their marketing materials.

Social Media Graphics: To enhance the school’s online presence, we designed captivating social media graphics that aligned with St. Mary’s branding, helping to engage and inform their digital audience.

In Summary:

Our collaboration with St. Mary’s Catholic High School provided a thorough marketing solution. We successfully addressed their needs by redesigning their prospectus, creating impactful banners and leaflets, conducting professional photoshoots, and crafting engaging social media graphics. Through these efforts, we effectively elevated their visibility and communicated their core values, ultimately enhancing their marketing materials and strengthening their online presence.

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