From solid foundations upwards – building your website with Character Creates

From solid foundations upwards – building your website with Character Creates

There can’t be many things more important to a modern business than its website. Your presence on the web is one of your most important investments, and an essential tool in driving your business forward.

As it’s often the first point of contact between you and your customers, its important to get it right. To present yourself and your business in the right light. Visibility is everything. It’s always important to remember, your competitors are only a click away. So you need a website that works for you. One that appeals to the customer in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and delivers measurable results. And that means you need to think hard about designing and building your site.

Here at Character Creates, we understand the importance of all these points. And we know that when building something, we need to start with a solid foundation. And that means you. You, the client. Our clients are the beating heart of our business. We want you to be pleased, to find the service you’d expect and the results you need.

Firstly, we need to understand what makes you tick, what your business is about and exactly how it works. We’ll need to know what you want from your website, and how you intend to use it. You’ll tell us who your clients are, your market, and your audience. Only then, once we’ve got all that, can we start thinking about content, functionality, and how it’s going to look. Then, still working closely with you, we’ll set about bringing these ideas together, to deliver your site. But the road doesn’t end there. In fact, this is just the beginning of the journey.

Building a strong and effective website for your business isn’t an event or a one-off destination to be reached then forgotten about, it’s an ongoing process. Together with you, Character Creates will build a content strategy together to guide you and your site forward. We can integrate your social media channels, help with Google Analytics, e-commerce, GDPR compliance as well as helping and advising with all your SEO needs.

Getting your brand visible, and keeping it visible in the digital marketplace is what we do. And we like to think we do it well. We do it well because we enjoy it. We like to get to know our clients well, to work with them, and not just for them. This way, we’re better placed to provide the right service for you, for your business and for your website. Our team of skilled creatives here at Character Creates have many years of experience and all the technical know-how to deliver exactly what you need exactly how and when you need it. The bright, digital future of your business is only a couple of clicks away.