Creative Case Study – HB Property Legal

Creative Case Study – HB Property Legal

We recently helped our client HB Property Legal with the design of their new digital package. They are a committed team of skilled and experienced professionals with knowledge of every aspect of residential conveyancing, from your initial enquiry right through to your moving day. They’ll be right at your side throughout the process to help relieve the stress of one of the most worrying and stressful times any of us can go through. Much like us here at Character Creates, HB Property Legal understand the need to work closely with their clients and to provide them with a bespoke package of services to help them with their purchase. They know that no two clients and no two property investments are the same, so they know the value of getting things right for each customer. This is the exact same way we go about working with our clients, when working on design projects, we understood each other well.

HB Property Legal is a relatively new, young company, and we wanted the work we did for them to convey that energy, that sense of future. They came to Character Creates because they know of our reputation for Web Design in Liverpool, even though they’re a Manchester based company. As we do with all our clients, we sat down together and worked out exactly what they needed. We knew they have a broad client base like ourselves, so they were looking for a clean, sharp looking site which would engage their clients. We knew it needed to be easily accessed, with clear and informative content on all aspects of the services they provide. As well as the site, we designed and took care of their print needs : business cards, letterheads etc.

Web design, social media branding, print and signage, banners, no matter what size company you have, you’ll have need at some point for these services. At Character Creates, we work hard to make what we do work for you. The client is central to everything. We know that. And HB Property Legal also know that.

Whether you’re a start up or a bigger, family owned firm with years of trading history, Character Creates can help. Our team of knowledgeable and talented professionals can build your digital content strategy with you and for you. We know how to make your brand visible and importantly, how to keep it visible.  And because the skill set of our team is so broad, you need only speak to one company. Make it Character Creates, talk to us today and let’s grow your company together, just as we’re doing with our good friends at HB Property Legal.

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