Copywriting Services

We all know the importance of writing compelling copy for our marketing materials, right? Those choice words that make the difference, that make your website visitor or reader of your brochure understand what you do, how you do it and maybe even who else you do it for.

We can help with our professional copywriting service.

Words that leave nothing to chance, but help you market yourself to the right customer, appeal to those who require what you do. Compelling enough to engage with you.

We define Copywriting as the process of crafting written text for the purpose of marketing. Carefully written words whose aim is to convey a message, to increase brand awareness and ultimately, to persuade.

We’ve all got huge amounts of competitors haven’t we? Even in a niche, we have to be more refined in what we say and how we sell our products and services. That’s where Character Creates Copywriting services come in.

Our copywriting services cover;

–    SEO and Website Content

–   Marketing literature

–   Social Media

SEO and Website Copywriting

Our SEO copywriting Service will help you work through the structure of your site, to deep dive into your competition and work out what keywords and – more importantly – key phrases – that will ultimately drive qualified traffic to your website.

At all times, our approach is to balance the readability of your content for your website visitors and how we best work towards making your brand visible to the Search Engines.

Marketing Literature

Need a brochure, leaflet, pop up stand or a business strapline? All require expertly crafted copy to engage with your reader and draw attention.

Conveying your message and positioning yourself as the expert will help you stand out amongst your many competitors.

Social Media

We’ll work closely with you so we can better understand your tone of voice and your brand, craft your social media posts and manage them too.

We might start this process strategically, creating a document that sets the goals and defines the project.

From there, we’ll have a fair idea of what (and what not!!) to do and work closely with your team to develop your content. Leave the scheduling to our team, allowing you to do what you do best, the business of doing business!

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