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We’re a Website Design Company in Liverpool. Character Creates Design Studio, experts in Website Design, e-commerce website design and Development.

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We love Digital and Website Design at Character Creates, we’re Website builders in Liverpool who create websites that are truly functional – with an aim to simply work for your business, both aesthetically and functionally.

We work hard to give your business the tools to increase your brands visibility.

Our focus is to understand our clients business, before we even think about how we develop the look and feel. We’ll need to know what makes your business tick, who your market and audience is – it’s only then, once we understand this, that we can work together to discuss functionality, build content and then the visualisation of your site.

Building a strong and effective website for your business isn’t an event or a one-off destination to be reached then forgotten about, it’s an ongoing process.

It starts with your content

Together with you, Character Creates Website Design in Liverpool will build a content strategy together to guide you and your site forward. We can integrate your social media channels, help with Google Analytics, e-commerce, GDPR compliance as well as helping and advising with all your SEO needs.

Getting your brand visible, and keeping it visible in the digital marketplace is what we do. And we like to think we do it well. We do it well because we enjoy it. We like to get to know our clients well, to work with them, and not just for them.

This way, we’re better placed to provide the right service for you, for your business and for your website. Our team of skilled creatives here at Character Creates have many years of experience and all the technical know-how to deliver exactly what you need exactly how and when you need it.

The bright, digital future of your business is only a couple of clicks away.

Whatever your business focus is, driving traffic to your site, increasing sales, integration with Social Media Channels or selling through an eCommerce site, at Character Creates we’ll have the solution for you.

Websites that work

Our aim is to make the process of building your business website as easy as possible, leaving our team to take the reigns, where our clients may or may not be comfortable and guide them through the process. Read about our process here>

Our Website Design Company thrives on providing solutions to our clients digital marketing issues and it doesn’t end once we go live. We deliver a training programme at the end of every site build for those customers who wish to take responsibility for their own ongoing content.

Web Design – Here’s How

This is our 6 step process to building your website in Merseyside

  • What’s the goal What is your website meant to be doing for your business? Have you thought of its purpose?
  • Scope Have you identified the pages needed, the structure and any specific functionality – such as feedback forms or a booking facility?
  • Content creation and sitemap Have you considered your on-page copy, keep search engine optimisation in focus too.
  • Branding and Website Build The visual part of the process, seeing your website come to life.
  • Testing A chance to fix anything broken and the flow of the website.
  • Go live Time to release your site and tell the world. Now how are we going to maximise its visibility?

Each step of our process brings with it its own set of challenges. We break this down into a separate 32 point check list. We try to leave nothing to chance!

What our Clients say

I’ve never completed one of these before, but I felt it important to acknowledge and credit were it is due. Anyone who works for themselves knows the pressures and time constraints this type of project can bring. Many tasks have to be left, as you constantly prioritise.In my work with Character Creates they have made the potentially mammoth task of developing a website, simple and structured. Taking the pressure away and produce a graphically superb and user friendly website. Thanks for all your help Chris and team. I will definitely be recommending.

Your Edge Training

We’ll talk about integrating your social media channels into your site too, as well as configuring Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for site submissions, Google My Business for Map Listings and pointers on ongoing content management too. It’s a great process where we’ll both learn a lot about each other. Our aim is to give you the tools to keep your brand visible on the web.

We’re a Website Design Company that works with you!

Your website is often the first point of contact between you and your customers, it’s important to get your website design right. To present yourself and your business in the right way. Visibility is everything. It’s always important to remember, your competitors are only a click away. So you need a website that works for you. One that appeals to the customer in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and delivers measurable results. And that means you need to think hard about designing and building your site.

If we get the foundations right from the start, you can then focus on the longer term success of your site and your strategy for keeping your website visible and engaging.

Social Media Branding

Consistency is key to really drive your brand and its message. The team will make sure your social media assets reflect this.

Email Marketing

A natural progression for us, taking our digital skills to develop email marketing campaigns. In a much similar way to creating a great brochure or website, we’ll take your content, understand your goals and aims and design campaigns that sit perfectly within your branding framework.

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