CreativeCase Study – Mountain Water Expeditions SEO

CreativeCase Study – Mountain Water Expeditions SEO

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Specialist SEO Services in Liverpool. When we start work with our clients on a brand new SEO Services project, the first part of the work always involves an initial site audit. This helps us understand where any possible issues lie and give us actionable work to to prepare us well for the ongoing monthly SEO part of every project we manage.

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Mountain Water Expeditions website had been established for about 4 years prior to us taking on this SEO work.

Our design team had built the website with good solid foundations but the client felt the time was right to invest in specific SEO and more importantly the technical SEO part of optimising his web pages. This was a different level of optimisation that the client had been used to.

Our initial audit spotted numerous duplicate content issues, not necessarily something you would be penalised by the search engines for, but from a user experience point of view, duplicate content poses issues of missed ranking opportunities, by writing new content around similar topics.

Solid Keyword Research and Development

Our job is to address all of the underlying issues our report delivers, which, when done, will streamline the site and makes our clients website work better and provide good solid keyword research, which is the foundation of all our SEO work.

The SEO tools we use focus on 3 main areas

1. Technical and meta [page titles and descriptions]

2. Site Structure

3. Content

Each of these areas is evaluated providing a score to be improved upon.

Establish your key phrase 

After establishing that ‘DofE Expedition Services’ was a crucial keyword / key phrase, we set about remedying all of the text issues and set the ball rolling to optimise all pages relating to DofE.

This was just the start of the project. The website has over 90 pages of content, so the SEO will be rolled out in phases for this client.

Don’t forget about your blog!

As well as the technical work the team does, the client also played his part by writing new material. This gave us additional content to optimise and give him better chance to offer more valuable reading material for his site visitors and potentially extra visibility of his content.

It’s here where we focus on creating content that could appear on Google’s featured snippets.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance package

This usually involves some or all of the below work

– Working on improving the structural elements of the website, specifically improving of Anchor Text for internal and external links.

– Increasing and maintaining the Structural optimisation score of the website to above 60%.

– Optimising the Technical optimisation score to 80%.

– Increasing and maintaining overall optimisation score of the website to above 80%.

– Removing certain pages out of the websites structure to increase streamlining of the site.

Mountain Water Expeditions have seen growth of over 200% in traffic since starting their optimisation with us back in December. SEO isn’t an overnight fix, it’s a long term view on getting you website in the right shape for maximum Search Engine visibility.

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From the client

“Our business got to the stage were we had become stuck with our search page ranking. We had a service to offer people that we knew would sell but didn’t know how to get our name out to the general public. 

In stepped Chris and his team from Character Creates who did some amazing SEO work under the hood of our website which very quickly started to show results, which in turn has grown our search engine rankings to page 1 for some keyword searches.

Very professional service that I would recommend to anyone wanting to push their business website up the search engine ranking.

Thank you for all the hard work”.


You can visit the Mountain Water Expeditions Website here.

Take your website to the next level and get your business found on Google.

Our SEO process in Liverpool

Below is an outline of how our SEO Company in Aintree deals initially with your SEO problems: 

  1. We perform an initial Site audit 
  2. Install Google Tags to improve data tracking 
  3. Provide Foundation SEO work 
  4. Ongoing Monthly SEO programme/maintenance and reporting 

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If you’d like to hear more about our professional SEO Service packages, give the team a shout on 0151 473 1069 and let us help you get your business website onto page one for your chosen keywords!

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