A working day in the life of our new Sales Manager Jane Gercken

A working day in the life of our new Sales Manager Jane Gercken

What’s your wake-up routine?
Radio on, cup of tea. Trying to get back in the habit of a morning run around the park. Get ready, leave for work, coffee on the way.

What’s the first thing you do when you start work?
Cup of tea!

Who do you talk to most during the day?
Myself 😊 No, mainly Chris as we are in constant contact liaising over client projects.

What is a typical day at Character Creates like for you?
Answer emails, check social, contact clients both new and existing, schedule and attend client meetings, proof read copy, present proofs, liaise with the team, drink tea…

What makes you feel like you’ve had a great day?
Seeing a clients project come together!

What’s your essential wind-down after work?
Phone on silent for an hour or two is essential for me. If I’m feeling energetic, a swim or a run, but generally it’s cooking, trying out a new recipe, listening to some music and maybe a glass of wine. 

What things cheer you or make you happy?
Cats and sausage dogs. Sunny days, music and good company. Oh, and cheese…

Outside of the office, how do you spend your free time?
Getting outdoors, catching up with friends, good food and wine. Making lists of all the places I’d like to visit.