Meet our intern Holly

Meet our Inters Holly

Coming to the end of my three years in University people have started to ask what I want to do and what career path I am going to be taking, but to be honest I don’t really know. I know I want to stay working within the design industry but what sector I want to work for, I don’t know. Gaining some experience in a variety of design sectors and getting to know the many ways in which it is needed and its different uses is what I have gained some interest in. Since leaving school I have took a big interest in the application Photoshop, with University and previous placements allowing me to develop my skills within the application. Using the software for both photo editing and textile design. However, I feel that I have exhausted this as a way of creating and designing my work and I wanted to develop my skills within another area of design.

Becoming a junior designer through an internship with Character creates has allowed for me to use my skills in a different way and also progress in having a better understanding of the other ways in which design is used, other than textile design which has been my focus for the last three years in University.  Looking at Website design, brand identity creation, social management, print design, digital marketing and SEO are all aspects of design that I didn’t even know existed and have enjoyed learning about over the past couple of weeks.

These are areas that I have had little experience in, in the past and getting to learn and understand the process of designing for other people’s businesses and the technical side to producing the designs, websites and social for a business is what I am enjoying doing most.  

I look forward to developing my skills within the Indesign application and taking a client’s idea or business then creating something that wanted but didn’t know they did and also learning about the different applications that are used to keep the business social and relevant upon the internet. I feel that I have more to learn about the types of work that Character Creates produces and look forward to possibly working with them more in the future.