Website design and SEO in Liverpool

Website design and SEO in Liverpool

No matter what size your business, from sole trader right up to multinational, you need a website and you definitely need SEO [Search Engine Optimisation]. They go hand in hand, that’s for sure.

Trusted SEO Services in Liverpool

In our modern digital world, your website is often the first port of call for your customers, their all important first impression of your company. Your site is a tool to generate leads, create custom and grow your business. It’s probably one of the most important tools you have.

Here at Character Creates, we know that many business owners don’t want to spend endless hours building and maintaining their site. We understand. You’re busy running the business, after all. You’ve got work to do. As well as this, we know some people are terrified by even the mention of words like Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation – SEO!

Again, we get that. And that’s why we’re here.

We’re your go-to people for website design and SEO in Liverpool.

We can take that stress and lift those worries away, and show you a few good tips to keep your site on Google’s radar, your rating high, and to ensure your site is productive.

Firstly, great design is everything. Through smart and stylish branding that attracts the eye, holds the attention and makes the user experience enjoyable, you send all the right messages.

You care about how things look. It’s important to your that your site is easy to use. It needs to be tidy, not cluttered. Generally, people don’t like spending too much time on a site looking for information, so it should be easily navigated. And quick. Speed is everything in the modern world.

Search Engine Optimisation

Simply put, the quicker your site is, the more Google favours it. Images, for instance, are great for your site. They add colour and depth, and give the page a real lift. They’re relatable and informative. But they also take time to load. We optimise your images for you, resizing them to help your site speed. There are many tools and tricks we can utilise to speed your site up, and it’s all part of your SEO.

Relevant, informative content really helps with your SEO efforts

Great content is also important for your Search Engine Optimisation. Fresh, new content, informative and helpful. We don’t think you should ever skimp on your content. This is your opportunity to make yourself heard. When someone’s browsing your site, you’re going up against your competitors, so it’s all important to get the content right and makes sure it works for you.

What you don’t want is for people to view your site and click away to somewhere else. You need to connect with them. Here’s another technical acronym for you. CTA. You need a call-to-action. A simple ‘buy now’ button to invite them to make a purchase. Or ‘sign up’ to get them on your mailing list. This way you’re beginning a relationship with the user, hopefully to turn them into a customer.

Ever heard of ‘mobile first indexing’? No. Thought not. Well basically, Google now looks at the mobile version of your site to judge how high it will rank you. The future’s here, we’re using phones and tablets more than PCs and laptops, so it’s essential that your site loads well, looks good and works perfectly on your phone.

Character Creates will ensure your site is mobile-friendly as part of our SEO service.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary. Website design and Search engine Optimisation is our business. Your business is our business.

Our Web designers, Copywriters and SEO Experts are waiting to talk to you about your next Website, Search Engine Optimisation or Digital Marketing project on 0151 473 1069 or email [email protected]