Website Design and SEO For AMG Consultancy

Website Design and SEO For AMG Consultancy

AMG Consultacny Web Design from Character Creates

AMG Consultancy are a privately-owned panel management business offering rapid and bespoke solutions for a significant number of Law Firm partners. Our management have decades of experience working for or with Law Firms and have used that experience to find the best possible cases and service providers for our partners.

The Solution;

We like to keep our designs simple allowing for the message of your business to get across. We mostly use templated designs when creating our websites as they are more compatible with search engines. AMG Consultancy design is simple and to the point, this is another example of a information based website that we have created, including simple drop downs in the navigation bar and subtle colours throughout the whole design. all of these features where discussed with the client making sure the website works for their needs whilst being compatible with search engines.

Web design;

–   SEO Installation and consultation
–   Google Webmaster tools and Analytics integration
–   Domain management, site hosting & support

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