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SEO Liverpool Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the art of optimising a website in such a way that it appears highly in a search engines ranking and increases the quality and quantity of traffic. 

The main aspects of Search Engine Optimisation

Quality of Traffic: The quality of traffic is one of the most important factors for a websites organic performance. For example, If an e-commerce website is selling coffee tables, then there is no value in turning up for search results specifically relating to “coffee”, therefore with good SEO, we can eliminate this and only appear for value added search terms. 

Quantity of Traffic: One of the main goals of good SEO, is to increase long terms traffic to your company’s website. 

How SEO works in 2020

There’s been a lot of change in the SEO world within the last decade, and 2020 is a very exciting year to be investing in SEO services! 

To put it simply, search engines rely on thousands of different algorithms, all searching for their own specific set of criteria, to evaluate and rank what they think are the most user valued website for the search term requested by the user. Once the algorithm has crawled the website, it is place into what is called the “Index” and given a rank for certain search terms. 

In 2020, SEO’s only really focus on optimising for Google’s search engine algorithms. This is due to its dominance in the sector and to the fact that in 2019, it held 92.1% of all worldwide searches.  

It is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing project that requires persistent investment to get results because, as soon as you stop your competition will capitalise. 

How we can help with your SEO at Character Creates 

Well to put it simply, we can help your company achieve page one rankings. The proof is really in the pudding with SEO and we can prove that our SEO works. 

Gone are the days when an SEO would simply buy several backlinks and within days appear on page one, this is now called “black hat SEO” and will gain you a bad reputation with Google. Therefore, here at Character Creates, we only focus on what is called “White Hat SEO”. This is where we use our expertise and experience to authentically gain and retain page one rank.

A good example is, If you have found this article by typing into Google “SEO Company in Liverpool”, then you will have found us on page one, so we do practice what we preach here at Character Creates. 

We have a team of specialist SEO’s just waiting to help optimise your website to its fullest potential. 

Our Process 

Here at Character Creates, we offer SEO services in the following stages. 

  1. Initial SEO Audit 
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Initial SEO Works
  4. Monthly SEO Maintenance 

So if you want to help grow your website’s organic traffic and increase your search engine rankings, then don’t be afraid to contact us and for more information, view our main SEO in Liverpool Page.