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Google Ads

Pay Per Click, or PPC, can be vital tools, alongside your other forms of Marketing – for a business to increase sales and customers. The beauty of PPC is the ability to reach new customers at the very moment they’re ready to buy. At Character Creates we deliver Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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Why pay for clicks?

If you think about how you find products or services on the internet yourself and how often you find yourself performing a search query, whether on Google, Yahoo, Facebook or another platform, by combining the proper keywords and key-phrases that reflect what your company offers, we aim to put you in the most visible position on the search results page or drive your message to a specific audience through Facebook, therefore driving traffic to your website.

Quite often, especially with a brand new website, where organic listing can take some time to index – we advise our clients to use Google / Facebook Ads to pay for a visible position on the Search Results Page [SERP].

However, depending on how niche or how competitive your market is, Google and Facebook Ads could form a part of a longer term strategy too to drive activity and traffic especially in very competitive arenas, which is less so for niche businesses.

How it Works

Pay Per Click is pretty straightforward, you may already be familiar with the basics, below is an example of what Character Creates deliver.

Your company provides/sells Left Conversions, and you’ll likely have many competitors in this field. If we bid on the words Loft Conversions, Convert your Loft, Loft Conversions Liverpool, your ad could appear in the top position in search results, making your business highly visible. We work to allow potential customers to find your business at that very moment in time they are searching for what you do.

When someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged a fee for each click. This becomes your cost of sale alongside our Management Fee . If you compare that figure to the potential sale of your products, you can easy see the potential return on investment.

Campaign Building and Management

We will start by analysing your business and researching your industry and competition. From here we will start to collate a keyword file and organise well written enticing ad campaigns. Then we make sure we have PPC specific landing pages on your website that aim to optimise conversions.

Our ongoing management fees allow us to keep your ads relevant and weed out negative keywords. We will develop longer keyword terms to keep you competitive. Key phrases that may well drive less volume, but are more likely to generate a sale or lead. Once we start a PPC campaign, it will evolve based on the data and reports we produce and adapting your ads to changes in traffic, product or seasonality.

Facebook Ads

The process of delivering your Facebook Ad campaign is very similar to our PPC process. We try to understand your offer and your audience. However, with Facebook we can be a lot more creative visually to put your offer in front of the type of client that matters to you.

With Facebook, our aim is to grow your business through ads that can deliver a specific objective. Wether you want to drive traffic to your website, engage with a potential client through messenger, lead generation or simply to create brand awareness. We’ll tailor your ads to suit your business goals.

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