FAQ#6 Brand and Brand Consistency – how we achieve it.

FAQ#6 Brand and Brand Consistency – how we achieve it.

How do I make my website consistent with my brand?

Sticking to company colours and fonts is a good place to start. Keeping these consistent throughout allows your website to come across in a professional way. Try to stick with a colour palette that compliments colours that are in your brand or works with the type of business you are, such as bright, fun colours if you are a children’s play group.

I don’t have a brand identity for my company, do I need one?

A brand identity can be anything from an image that summarizes the business or the business name simply as a typeface, as long as it professionally represents you and your business your identity can be as simple or as out of the ordinary as you want.

What is the design process when creating a brand identity?

With designing any new identity we like to sit with you and get a better understanding of the business, the customers and the people who run the business. We’ll talk about colours, fonts, how you want your identity to portray your business and any preferences you would like your identity to have. Everything you tell us is taken into account so what we create represents your company in the best way possible. 

Once some initial designs are created we’ll call you back to see if there are any designs you prefer and changes you would like to be made. We’ll do this until you have choose the design that best represents your business and you are most happy with.

Why is brand consistency important?

Being consistent throughout your business materials is important! It gives your business a professional presence whether customers are looking at your website or business card and everything else in between. 

Being consistent can determine whether a customer will buy off you or not! You are showing them that even small things, such as having a leaflet and business cards matching, means business branding matters and attention to the smallest of details can be reassuring in your clients eyes.