FAQ#5 How much does a Website cost?

FAQ#5 How much does a Website cost?

I understand the value of using a professional agency, am I able to spread the cost over a couple of months?

Building and creating a new website is a huge investment in both cash and resources. We understand that not everyone has all of the money straight away and that’s why we’ll offer a payment plan that works for you! All you need to pay is a deposit and then we’ll work out how you can pay off the rest.

How much will the website cost?

When it comes to costing your website you will be introduced to our sales manager Jane. The price will be based on the type of website you need and the functionality required. We’ll discuss what you need your website to do and provide a written quotation based on what we call ‘website discovery’. Here we’ll look into your existing website to see what functionality exists and discuss what the new website needs to do.

It could easily be a combination of visual appeal and extra functionality, such as an ecommerce module. 

Are there any fees that will follow the initial payment?

Once you have paid for your website all you will have to pay is a yearly hosting and maintenance fee. If any more work is needed to be done on your website such as adding more products or introducing a new page to the site you may incur some extra cost.*

*charged at the prevailing hourly rate.

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