FAQ#4 Professionally Written Page Content and Copywriting Services

FAQ#4 Professionally Written Page Content and Copywriting Services

I haven’t got the time to be writing content for the website, do you know of anyone that could help?

Absolutely! We are able to offer a copywriting service meaning that you don’t have to write your content for your website. We take the time to research your competitors and your audience to ensure that everything written sells your business and allows you to get on with the business of running your business.

What do I need to supply to get my website live as quickly as possible?

Having the content to populate a website is always the trickiest thing to do and is one of the biggest delays in getting a website live. We suggest that having your content prepared and ready, or working with our copywriting service will allow your website to be ready and live as quickly as possible.

When writing content what have I got to think about?

As a business owner you don’t need the worry of writing your business content, that’s why we offer a copywriting service that can write your content for you.

But you know your business better than anyone and might want to write it yourself! In that case you need to think of your audience, products or services you are selling. Websites often have an About Us and Contact page and the rest is tailored to the type of business you are. You may want a section on the products you sell or a blog, it really depends on your business, your audience and what you are selling when it comes to writing content. 

Looking at what your competitors are writing and proper keyword research is often a good place to start!

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