FAQ #3 Our Website Design process 

FAQ #3 Our Website Design process 


Part #3 of our FAQ series. What happens when we’ve talked technical, We get to Website Build. Let’s get creative…

I already have a website, but I need it to work better for my business and I don’t like the design?

We can help! We work with lots of different clients with different needs from a client with no web presence to clients like this requiring domain transfer plus content and design refreshing, we can and do cater for clients with all types of requirements. Let’s chat…

How do you design your websites?

Here at Character Creates we work with WordPress pagebuilder plugins as well as bespoke coded projects. Most clients on a budget require the best solution at the right price and our pagebuilder plugins allow us to deliver our projects creatively. However, if you need something absolutely bespoke from the ground up, we do that too. Email [email protected] for details.

I need to be able to sell through my website and accept payments, are you able to build a website that allows me to do this?

Yes. We are able to build a website to help any of your business needs! From ecommerce to a simple brochure website – we are able to build a website that helps your business grow!

Will I be able to have access to the website to add blog content or do I have to add content through Character Creates?

All of the websites that we create are 100% your own when we are finished setting it up! You have access to your website which will allow you to upload blog content yourself whenever you want, so you only need to talk to us if something isn’t the way you want it. When we hand over the finished website to you we will show you how to use the software, but we’re always here to help if needed. 

To make sure that your website is running the best it possibly can we have control of some features so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the website yourself, we’ll do all of the hard work for you! 

Do I have a say in the design and look of the website?

When it comes to the look of your website we always meet up with our clients to ensure that we are all on the same page. Brand, colours, typography, layout and design of your website is all discussed when we meet.

I am able to create a website myself, why should I go to an agency to create my website? 

No doubt there are numerous tools available to build your own website. Where we differ is that we approach website build and and development holistically, meaning that we take into account building good solid SEO foundations which includes content, META information (page titles and descriptions) and page content writing. Then we will start thinking about design and user experience.

We build our clients websites in the right way from the ground up – with future success in mind.

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