Creative Case Study – Your Edge Training

Creative Case Study – Your Edge Training

One of the most pleasurable and enjoyable parts of our job here at Character Creates is that we get to work with a broad, eclectic range of clients. Our customers come from all sectors, large and small businesses, all with differing needs in terms of what services we can offer them. For some clients, it may just be some help with a website, copywriting, or a print run. With others, it could be a full rebrand, a top to tail rethink and redesign of their offer and how they choose to present it to their customers.


The work we’re doing with Your Edge Training is this kind of job. Your Edge Training deliver a wide portfolio of accredited courses and bespoke training to a variety of clients across all sectors in the Liverpool City Region and the North West of England. Their focus is on developing and delivering programmes that engage, enthuse and of course, educate. Courses which work for and their people, giving individuals and business an ‘edge’ in work and in life.

We know at Character Creates that a successful rebrand comes from a strong working relationship between us and our clients. We work closely with the client to build a strategy and structure for the rebrand. From logo and website design to social media, print and signage and all points in between, we can provide the full package from our base here in Liverpool.

Companies choose to rebrand for a variety of reasons. Often it’s because the market they work in, or the audience they’re trying to attract is changing. And we know that in our fast paced, media driven modern world, things change so quickly. This makes it even more important for us to team up closely with our clients to deliver the change they need.

There’s a lot to consider when rebranding. We are revitalising the public face of a company, in the hope of broadening its appeal and giving it a fresh, new and modern image. We need to remember to respect the brand’s equity and not compromise it with this new design. Streamlining the company’s image by using the same colours, logos, fonts and tone of voice is essential, as is playing to the company’s strengths by recognising the qualities that resonate with the audience.

Our team at Character Creates bring a combination of experience, vision and a rich understanding of the best technology to all these tasks, making the process simpler and clearer for clients, who we realise are busy people, with only so many hours and so much energy in the day!

Again, that’s why we place so much importance on working so closely with you, our client, to get it right. Rebranding isn’t for everyone. It isn’t needed by everyone, but when looking for rebranding, website design, and so many other branding service in Liverpool, Character Creates are here for you. We’re proud that we enjoy working for you by working with you.

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