Creative Case Study Tower – Construction Services

Creative Case Study Tower – Construction Services

At Character Creates we have a diverse and wide range of clients that choose us for our digital – creative design and printing services. From branding to website design, copywriting services to email set up, social media management to stationery design, print design and hosting, Tower Construction was a client that needed the full Character Creates service and experience. 

When creating their branding we looked at what the company was and were it started from. Tower Construction is a business owned and run by the 2 Directors who are bricklayers and scaffolders by trade, who came together to provide their unique services and expertise together under one company. 

We then took this concept and thought about how the brand could reflect the joining of two trades together and the name Tower Construction. After a few design ideas they finally selected the design that reflected the letter T, the letter was placed to form a 3D drawing of a building with the two angles coloured differently to represent the two different trades joining together, creating an identifiable mark when placed on all their marketing materials and even their vehicle livery.

When it came to the design of their website, in true Character Creates style we kept it simple. Sticking with the branding colours and similar fonts use, we constructed a website that was professional and showcased the work that they do. 

However, we know that having a website is important for a business as it’s another platform that allows you to gain more enquiries and clients, we also know that populating the site with engaging content and information to sell your business to potential clients is also important but time consuming. 

This was the case for the team at Tower Construction. 

We then suggested our copywriting service when first discussing the website as it takes away the pressure of writing content for the website from them, allowing them to focus on what they do best, which is running their business. 

Our copywriting service works off content that you may already have from an old website or what you want to say about your business and what you provide. Our team then goes away and works on the content for the site, taking what you say on to another level – which we then place into the website its approved. It’s really that simple! But allows you to get on with the business of running your business. 

We worked on the Tower Construction website a couple of months back and still work with the Tower team on the content, maintenance and performance of their website. We have recently been updating their website and making some slight amendments on the content of their website, which is something that we do quite often for most of our clients. 

As a business develops and evolves, we understand that changes in the business needs to be reflected through your website and that’s why we’re happy to help. We don’t just make your website and leave you to maintain and look after it, we’ll do all of that for you. Whether it is a small amendment to the content of the website or a full website redesign we are always happy to help you and your business to be the best that it can be.
We put exactly the same amount of love, care and attention into all of our projects to ensure that our clients are happy with the final product. We’re extremely proud that we have a great team who really enjoy working with our clients.

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